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How We've Helped Businesses During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected businesses around the world. Millions of businesses had to change overnight and find new ways to continue making money. Many companies furloughed employees or sent them to work from home where remote work was possible. Very few continued as 'normal' with some changes to help reduce the spread. The impact on businesses and the economy is undeniable. However outsourcing has helped many businesses survive.

One way in which outsourcing has helped businesses is with remote work. Many outsourcing companies have their own offices but some also have the ability to work from home. Finchley court already had a remote system in place before the pandemic and simply added those who often work in the office to the remote system. This allowed us to continue to help businesses answer calls 24/7.

The remote work that outsourcing companies do also reduces the number of employees in the office. This not only means businesses could reduce their office size or not need to expand their offices but also means that with new rules in place offices could bring back essential employees to the office whilst maintaining a social distance. Finchley court have continued to work remotely allowing clients businesses to slowly open up the offices again.

Finchley court have also helped businesses by allowing customers to easily change their service plans. For example, some clients have paused their contracts due to an inability to trade whilst others have expanded their plans from only out of hours services to 24/7 services. This has meant that businesses can save money where needs be or pay more where increased support is required.

Throughout this pandemic Finchley Court has been continuing to work hard to support businesses as much as possible. This has been a tough few months for everyone and with the end in sight Finchley Court is proud of the support they've given to businesses 24/7 and looks forward to helping more businesses in the future.

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