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The 'commute' to your home office

Has coronavirus left you working from home? Lots of people are struggling with working from home. People struggle to separate their work life from their home life but some have thought of a way to make the transition fell more realistic. People have started to do a 'fake commute'. While this may mean getting up a little earlier than you need to it can help put you in the right mindset.

A 'fake commute' doesn't have to be the same method or length of time as your normal commute. You may prefer to do a similar commute to make it feel more realistic. But a simple 15 minute walk before work can make working from home easier. You can go for a cycle or drive as well, some also find yoga or other forms of exercise helpful. While previously study's found the commute to work contributes to ill mental health, the 'fake commute' is thought to help mental health. Study's have found that many people now work part of their normal commute which is not healthy. Also a 'fake commute' often doesn't include traffic or standing on a crowded train or bus. A 'fake commute' is something YOU chose to do so it feels like less of a chore.

Study's have found that taking time out, whatever it may be, and getting away from the home bubble mentally can reduce stress. The problem that many people have is that we have been forced to work from home, known as involuntary work from home. While some people enjoy working from home, many would prefer a mixture or to go back to work. The 'fake commute' sets some distance for people from their homes and helps them get into the right mindset for work.

This is something that may be a personally preference for you. You may find that you are happy with your routine as it is but if you are struggling with working from home we suggest you try a 'fake commute' and see what works best for you. Have you tried a 'fake commute'? What are your thoughts? let us know!

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