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Call handling services

  • Messages

    Our virtual receptionists answer your phone lines in your business name. If you or your team are not available to have the call transferred through, then we take a message with all the details you need so you can return the call at your convenience. Get your messages by email or text message, or access them through our online portal from wherever you are. 

  • Order taking

    If you have products to sell, our secure call handling service keeps the phone lines open for your customers. And if you're selling online, a virtual receptionist can help prevent abandoned shopping carts by being there to answer the questions that are giving your customers doubts. We interface with your existing order-taking system, so you can make sales around the clock, even when your physical business location is closed.

  • Lead capture

    Every call is a lead, and every lead is a potential conversion. When you don't answer the phone, that lead goes to someone else. Just tell us what information you want to capture, and our virtual receptionists will make sure you don't miss out on new opportunities, day or night.

  • Appointment setting

    For appointment-based businesses, whether they're in healthcare, property, law, or a service industry, live answering helps fill your schedule. You get free use of Setmore, our partner online appointment software. Or, if you're already on another system, our customer experience associates can book your time through that application.

  • Email and chat support

    If your customers contact you through email or live web chat, keeping up with the flow can be a challenge. Our call handling service isn't just for phone calls. We're there for you and your customers no matter how they reach out. And if you don't have chat on your website yet, we include it at no additional cost. You can answer the chats yourself or use your plan minutes to have us help your customers.

  • Client web access

    Client web access is the online portal we created to help you manage your Finchley Court account. When you log in, you'll see a dashboard with your plan usage and other important stats clearly displayed. You can review your messages, pay your bill, change your plan, and much more. All through an easy-to-use online application, you can access from anywhere there's internet.

Business call answering service features

  • 24/7 Live reception

    Whether you need us around the clock or just out of hours, our receptionists are available to take as many calls as your business gets. We greet your callers in your company name using your answer phrase. Get your messages by email, text, through our online portal.

  • Call transfer and routing

    You set up the call rules, we execute. Our receptionists will transfer your calls to the right department or individual. And if they're not available, we can take a message or try someone else in your team.

  • Dedicated agents

    Take your customer service to the next level with a team of customer experience associates to support your business. We manage hiring, training, scheduling, and compensation to ensure the highest quality experience for your customers.

  • Lead capture

    You let us know what information you need from your callers and website visitors, and we collect it for you. More leads means more business, and our business answering service makes it easy for you to never miss an opportunity.

  • Lead qualification

    Not all leads are equal. But qualifying your leads, sorting the red hot from the lukewarm, can be time consuming. Our business phone answering service can help. Having a live person to ask the right questions can make all the difference. When you focus on the best leads you get the best results.

  • Inbound sales

    A good answering service does more than take a message. When someone calls you ready to buy your goods and services, don't miss that opportunity. Live answering means you have someone there to help you close that sale, even if you're not available.

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