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Legal Phone Answering Services

An answering service for attorneys, lawyers, or anyone in the legal profession has to combine efficiency and empathy to handle the unique challenges of the legal field. Our virtual receptionists give you a friendly, professional voice to greet your current and prospective clients. Don't let your clients reach voicemail when they call your office. Our experience providing phone answering services to lawyers ensures you will always be well represented.

  • Corporate law

    Whether you're an independent firm or an internal corporate legal team, our answering service makes sure your callers are treated with the professional courtesy they expect. Shareholders and other stakeholders need to know their interests are being looked after. With our legal answering services, they'll be able to reach a real person, day or night.

  • Family law

    When legal disputes become a family matter, only the best client experience will do. Divorce, adoption, child custody and other family-related legal issues are often emotionally trying experiences for those involved. With a good legal answering service, your clients won't have to wonder if they're being heard. They'll know it.

  • Personal injury law

    Clients who have been injured in the workplace, as a result of others' negligence, or through medical malpractice have already been through a lot. With a professional legal answering service, you can make sure they get the support they need on their journey to recovery and justice.

  • Criminal law

    If a client's freedom is on the line, they want to know they can reach their attorney. At the same time, trial litigators can't be available when they're in court. With our answering service for attorneys, you get easy access to your messages through our online portal. You'll always be connected to your office, even when you can't be there in person.

Virtual receptionists for your law firm

  • Messages

    With a 24/7 legal answering service, you'll never miss an important call, whether it's from an existing client or someone who needs your representation. Access your messages online anytime, or get them by email or text as they are taken down by our professional receptionists.

  • Call Routing and Transfer

    Firms with multiple lawyers, attorneys, and support staff need a reliable way to get inbound calls to the right person at the right time. Our legal answering service makes that happen. You set up the routing rules and can adjust them as needed depending on who is available.

  • Appointments

    Using a calendar software of your choice, our answering service makes it easy for your clients to book time with you for consultations or other meetings. Let our virtual receptionists handle the calendar, while you focus on the law.

  • Lead Qualification

    Vetting unsolicited callers to determine whether they're a good fit for your law firm can be time-consuming. With a good legal answering service, you can focus on your caseload while our receptionists ask the right questions to find your next client.

  • Sub-Accounts for Campaigns

    If you're running a specific ad campaign on TV or radio, we make it easy for you to add sub-accounts, each with its own freephone number (or numbers), script and reporting. You'll be able to switch among your sub-accounts with ease to see the usage and call data for each one.

  • Client Web Access

    With our online portal, you can sign in from your phone or desktop computer anytime to review your messages, pay your bill, adjust your plan and script, and more. See your usage on our handy dashboard, so there are no surprises. With client web access, you're in charge.

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