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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Health Insurance

A health insurance answering service can help you drive membership acquisition and increase retention. Our virtual receptionists gather the information from your callers and website visitors and turn them into satisfied plan members.


Medical and Dental Surgeries

Doctors and dentists come to us when they want affordable answering service coverage for their surgery. If you already have staff for your reception, we can still provide an overflow or out of hours service. Sometimes just being able to leave a message with a live person is all the patient needs. Voicemail can't differentiate between a routine question and an emergency. With an answering service for doctors or an answering service for dentists, we can.


Private Hospitals, Care Homes & Clinics

A good health care answering service can help make sure a private hospital, care home or clinic's phone lines are never tied up. We make sure there is always a friendly, professional virtual receptionist available to give your patients and their families the information they need, or transfer them to the right department.


Medical Receptionists

Our customer experience associates are trained to be empathetic and efficient. That makes them great fits for a health care answering service. We can transfer calls to the right physician, take messages, or set appointments with Setmore or the scheduling app of your choice.

A health care answering service makes it easy for your patients to get in touch with your surgeries, medical practices, private hospitals, care homes and clinics 24/7/365. At the same time, live answering preserves your focus, letting you concentrate on the patients you're currently seeing. while we deal with the enquiries that come in on the phones.

Whether you need a health care answering service around the clock or just out of hours, we have a plan for you. Give your patients the comfort of knowing they've reached a real person while you continue to deliver the quality care they need.

Answering Services for the Health Care Industry


  • 24/7 medical reception

    Don't let your calls go to voicemail while your staff are busy treating patients. With a health care answering service from Finchley Court your patients will know their call is important to you because it will be answered immediately and not put on hold.


  • Out of hours medical reception

    Get a live professional receptionist to answer your calls when your surgery, practice, care home or clinic is closed. We follow the call flow you specify to take patient confidential messages, transfer the call to your staff, or give basic information about your location and opening hours as required.


  • Urgent call handling

    You can specify procedures for handling urgent calls to your practice. With an answering service experienced in supporting doctors, you know that you can be reached in an emergency, without having to take every call yourself around the clock.


  • Appointments

    We offer the Setmore online appointment-setting app free with every account. If you already have another system for tracking your appointments, our receptionists can log in and enter your callers' scheduled appointments there. With a health care answering service, time on your calendar can be booked even when your surgery is closed.


  • Email and chat

    Not every patient prefers the telephone to communicate with their health care provider. We offer email and chat customer service to compliment your health care answering service. You can handle chats yourself with our free and easy-to-install chat widget, or our professional receptionists can chat to your website visitors, using the minutes of your health care answering service plan.


  • Client web access

    Your online portal for all things Finchley Court, allows you to log in anytime to review your messages, see call data, pay your bill, or adjust your script. You always know what's going on with your account. And you can contact our client services department by chat at the press of a button.

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