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Are you missing out on business?

Did you know, 80% of all business communications happen on the phone? That's right, 80%. If you're not thinking about all the calls you've missed in your business, you should be. If your missing calls your probably missing out on business. Every phone call your company misses could lose you money, both directly and indirectly. Poor customer service could lose your business billions of pounds per year. There's no use your SEO being good and your company top of the google search if no one can get hold of you.

Despite the improvements in technology and the increased use of the internet and email, the phone continues to be the preferred method of contact, especially when they are looking to get something done fast. Often other methods of contacting your business will take more time for a response and sometimes things can get lost in translation. When customers call your business they are looking to talk to a person who will answer any questions and sort out any problems they have quickly. That's why, when you miss that call, you could lose business. Your customer will likely be annoyed that they couldn't speak to someone or had to wait a long time to speak to someone. This can mean they chose not to do business with you due to their issue or query being unresolved. The customer will then likely not try calling again and go straight to your competitors. Many customers value a good customer service over anything else, including the quality and price of the products your selling.

So why do businesses miss calls? One of the main reasons businesses miss calls is due to insufficient staffing. This could be due to some companies placing less importance on customer

service calls and prioritizing other areas of the business. Another reason businesses may miss calls is due to the lack of a service out of hours. If your customer works office hours the best times for them to call you is out of those office hours. So if your business doesn't have an out of hours service they'll struggle to get hold of you and chose to use another company that does. Some companies also miss calls due to a lack of the right technology. The right technology can cost you money that you may not be willing to spend but by outsourcing your calls you could get the technology you need included. There are other reasons for missing calls but reducing the number of calls your business misses could be very beneficial to your business.

Not only does missing calls lose you immediate business but can also have long term impacts. Firstly, is the loss of business to rival companies. Customers will often stay loyal to a company they know and have had a good experience with. If they can't get hold of you, that is a bad experience with your company and they are unlikely to try doing business with you in the future. In fact, 60% of customers whose calls are missed will go on to do business elsewhere. Following this, these customers will start recommending your competitors to their friends and those friends will go straight to your competitors website. The weak customer service of your business could create negative word of mouth for your business.

All of this suggests that investing in your telephone answering system is important. You can stop missing calls, improve your customer service and allow your business to thrive with our telephone answering services. Our staff get regular training to ensure your customers are kept happy. We have the capacity to answer hundreds of calls a day and we wont keep your customers waiting. We can support your company 24/7 or just out of hours. Our support can grow with your business to make things run more smoothly. The services we provide can be adapted to your business. Never let missing calls be the reason you miss out on business again!

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