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Knowing your water!

Hery! I thought I should do another post about water but this time what is means by colour changes and smells and how you can amend the situation ... here below are the most common ones:

"Clean" water should be clear with no noticeable color deposits. Common colors include:

  1. Red or Brown Color - A red, brown or rusty color is generally indicative of iron or manganese in your water. Disadvantages to iron in your water include stains in sinks, or discolored laundry Run the tap 15mins to become clear

  2. Yellow Color - This coloration occurs in regions where the water has passed through marshlands and then moved through peat soils. It is more commonly found in surface water supplies and shallow wells. Although the yellow color may be displeasing, it presents no health hazard, as it is only small particles suspended in the water

  3. Blue or Green Color - A green or blue color is generally a result of copper in your water supply, or copper pipes and corrosive water. The copper can cause staining of your fixtures and your laundry. Copper is regulated in drinking water by the EPA at 1.3 PPM. This is at a low enough concentration that the copper cannot be tasted (the taste threshold is around 5 PPM). Copper can become a problem if it is higher than 30 PPM in your water. Effects at this dose are vomiting, diarrhea, and general gastrointestinal distress. If you are using well water as your primary source of water, and copper is a concern in your area, it would be to your advantage to have your water tested for copper.

  4. Cloudy White or Foamy - Cloudy water is usually due to turbidity. Turbidity is caused by finely divided particles in the water. When light hits the water, it is scattered, giving a cloudy look to the water. The particles may be of either organic or inorganic nature. Neither one causes any harmful effects to the body, although they can cause abrasions to pipes, or possible staining of sinks


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