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UK weather: Met Office predicts mini-heatwave as Britain sees off freezing spring temperatures

Britain’s cold start to the year is over finally!and temperatures will rise as high as 25C (77F) in some parts of the country this week, the Met Office has said.

Although February and March gave the UK the freezing "beast from the East" cold snap and Storm Emma, temperatures this week will “comfortably break” the warmest day of the year so far, forecasters said.

The top temperature recorded this year so far is 19.5C (67F), but this week could see the record beaten by more than 5C.

“Compared to what we have seen so far this spring, many parts of the country will be seeing a warmer spell, even into Scotland, come Thursday,” Craig Snell, Senior Meteorologist at the Met Office

“The majority of the country will see a good end of the week, with any further cloud and rain becoming restricted to western Scotland and the far west of Northern Ireland at times,” he said.

Daffodils in Tenby, West Wales, bloom as temperatures are forecast to soar this week

“The warmest of the temperatures are going to be focused across the North West of London, up towards the Midlands, especially come Wednesday and Thursday, with Thursday possibly peaking out around 25C (77F) in a few spots.”

“Across South East England, after we get rid of today’s rain, it’s going to be a pretty decent week. Further west, we start off fairly unsettled this week on Monday and Tuesday...but then as we go into Wednesday drier and warmer weather across the South East extends westwards, to give the majority of the UK a good end to the working week.”

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