Autumn is Here!

I can say with certainty that it’s my favorite time of the year! There is nothing like the season of fallen leaves, rainy days and hours spent at home with a warm drink and a good book. While most people complain about the rain and long for summer cheerfulness, introverts truly thrive in the fall season. It seems that introversion and autumn are meant for each other. So what is that makes introverts enjoy this time of the year so much? 1. It gets less crowded outside We introverts may not be the fans of going out in the common sense of this word – such as clubbing or hanging out with a company of friends. However, we like outdoor activities too – they are just different from what most people

Share your Days Out _ Alpaca Experience day

Hello I wanted to write up as the summer holidays have come to an end about a day trip that I had. I went with my family to go and meet some lovely alpacas. We got to have them on a lead and walk them round.I had a brown one called Alistair, apparently he was the top stud their in the herd and he was very stubborn. I had him on the lead and he kept stopping and would only walk when he wanted to. He acted as though he know he was the top dog hehe. He was so soft and fury and I did love his character. I also so met a Lama and he was very easy going and was always looking for food. Overall the day was great it was based on a farm so got to see many animals and also had a lot of fun with the Al

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