Knowing your water!

Hery! I thought I should do another post about water but this time what is means by colour changes and smells and how you can amend the situation ... here below are the most common ones: "Clean" water should be clear with no noticeable color deposits. Common colors include: Red or Brown Color - A red, brown or rusty color is generally indicative of iron or manganese in your water. Disadvantages to iron in your water include stains in sinks, or discolored laundry Run the tap 15mins to become clear Yellow Color - This coloration occurs in regions where the water has passed through marshlands and then moved through peat soils. It is more commonly found in surface water supplies and shallow we

Hot Hot Hot! - Water needs saving!

Well we finally look like we are going to have a fantastic summer! As it is in talks that we maybe having hose pipe bans because of water shortages. I thought I should put an update in the blog to help people use their water more smartly here is a list below of how to save water. It all helps! The average person in the UK uses 150 litres each day. Here's how to reduce that... Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth – this can save 6 litres of water per minute. Place a cistern displacement device in your toilet cistern to reduce the volume of water used in each flush. You can get one of these from your water provider. Take a shorter shower. Showers can use anything between 6 and 45 litres

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