How to unblock sinks and toilets!

Before you get started Cleaning products can be corrosive, so follow any manufacturers' guidelines. Never use a chemical cleaner with a plunger. All precautions must be taken when using a chemical cleaner. Check and double-check usage recommendations. Chemical cleaners may need to be left overnight to clear a significant blockage in a pipe. Drain rods or professional help may be necessary if blockages are only accessible through an external manhole. Bath and shower waste systems tend to block if there is a build up of hair. Try to clear plugholes regularly to prevent hair slipping into the trap and obstructing the waste pipe system. Fat and oil can accumulate in kitchen waste pipes if you po

UK weather: Met Office predicts mini-heatwave as Britain sees off freezing spring temperatures

Britain’s cold start to the year is over finally!and temperatures will rise as high as 25C (77F) in some parts of the country this week, the Met Office has said. Although February and March gave the UK the freezing "beast from the East" cold snap and Storm Emma, temperatures this week will “comfortably break” the warmest day of the year so far, forecasters said. The top temperature recorded this year so far is 19.5C (67F), but this week could see the record beaten by more than 5C. “Compared to what we have seen so far this spring, many parts of the country will be seeing a warmer spell, even into Scotland, come Thursday,” Craig Snell, Senior Meteorologist at the Met Office “The majority of t

DIY at home Fixing a leaky Tap!

Before you get started If you are in any doubt about the technique for repairing a tap, it is best to seek professional help. To fix a leaking tap, first, you must safely turn off the water supply to that tap. This is easiest when isolation valves are situated close to the tap, on its supply pipes. With the valve design shown in this guide, if the slot of the screw is aligned with the pipe, thenthe valve is on. A quarter turn of the screw, so that the slot is running across the pipe, will turn the valve off. You can normally identify whether a tap uses rubber washers or ceramic discs by turning the tap handle. If it can only rotate a quarter or half a turn, it will normally be a ceramic disc

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